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Curriculum C.V.


Physical Coach of Soccer

Name: Marcio Faria Correa

Phone Direct in Brazil : + 55 51 81918893 ( actual)

+ 55 51 81 91 88 93

Age: 38 : Nationality: Brazilian

e-mail: marciofariacorrea@gmail.com

MSN: marciosfc@hotmail.com

SKYPE: marciofutebol

Home Page: www.marciofariacorrea.com

Degree: Physical Education Teacher Degree

1993 – Specialization: The Scientific Basis of Physical Preparation

1996 – Specialization: Teoric and Practice of the Sports Training

2002 – Congress Latin American of Physical Education.

Experience as a Physical Coach of Soccer

Technical Coordination of Football School – 1992

Grêmio Esportivo Taquariense : Brazil

Esporte Clube Pinheiros : Brazil

Esporte Clube Palmeirense : Brazil

Statel Women Soccer Team : Brazil

Clube Atlético H. A : Brazil

Grêmio Esportivo Pratense : Brazil

Sport Club Internacional : Brazil

S.E.R.C. Brasil : Brazil

Esporte Clube São José : Brazil

Al Shabab Sport Club : Saudi Arábia

Al Riyadh Sports Club : Saudi Arábia

Al Ettifaq Club : Saudi Arábia

Grêmio Esportivo Brasil : Brazil

AL Riyadh Sports Club : Saudi Arabia

São Gabriel Futebol Clube : Brazil

Grêmio Porto Alegrense : Brazil 2003 / 2004

Brasiliense F.C.T : Brazil DF 2005

Avaí Futebol Clube : Brazil SC 2005

Santa Cruz Futebol Clube : Brazil PE 2006

Clube Esportivo : Brazil BG 2007

Club Cerro Porteño : Asuncion : Paraguay 2007

Guaratinguetá Futebol Ltda. São Paulo 2008

C. F. Belenenses – Lisboa Portugal 2008

E. C. Juventude – Caxias do Sul BR 2009




Portuguese – Spanish – English – Arabic


The Courses I have Ministered


- Marketing of Sport – Ulbra

- Sports Psychology – High Competition : PUC

- Physical Preparation : IPA

- Cycle of Professional Soccer : UFRGS

- Methodology of Training : UNISINOS

- Footecon – Rio de Janeiro : Brasil


Conquered titles:


1999 – Winner Price Cup – Al Shabab Sports Club : Saudi Arabia

2004 – He was chosen the Best Physical Coach

2005 – Winner Brazilian States Competition Brasiliense F.C.T :Brazil

2007 – Vice Champion Apertura : Cerro Porteño / Paraguay


Participation International Competitions


1998 – Arab Cup : Egypt

1999 – Arab Cup of Clubs : Syria

2001 – Arab Cup : Egypt

2000 – International Tournament : Kuwait

2002 – 6th International Football Tournament: Saudi Arabia

2003 – South American Cup : Brazil




Accomplished by site: www.futebolnarede.com



One of the main secrets of the success of the work the Physical Coach Marcio Faria Correa, is in the cares and details that the physical coach, considers in the moment of to drift and to execute the training loads. We always ·needed to unite the advanced technology the quality of work of a soccer team, but independently of that, we always ratiocinated scientifically and with a lot of coherence for we prescribed our training methodology.·

The weekly programs are carefully balanced among the technical, physical and tactical aspects. According to the coach: ·now the Physical Coach”s function is to be very informed, we should worry about the quantification and the qualification of the work loads in all the sections of the training of the team.· Accompanying the development of the science of the sport training and of the medicine we should be the competent of knowing to balance the training incentives and our athletes” recovery. For example: in a competition stage, we should not prioritize trainings of long duration and resistance aerobic, because the games will be two or three times a week, in that period we will give main focus to the trainings of force, Speed, together with technical and tactical. During the beginning of the competition the biggest loads will be the official games.

The big care will be in the recovery of the athletes” competitive condition for the following game.· We prepared the athletes to be the best in the games and not in the trainings·.




Biological individuality: In most of the collective sports we found heterogeneous groups, inside of the soccer teams that happens always, we have players of the most varied ages, different physical aptitude, differentiated positions, and time of recovery of the most varied. Then there is also the need of individualized trainings in certain moments, to work inside of that process, all the athletes should be submitted to physical test in the start of each season so that we can identify the individual conditions in the moment.

This way we can examine the important points in each athlete, this must be made very carefully, and then after, we should correct specifically, each deficiency we meet. To respect the physiologic potential of each one is important so that the overload does not happen.




Our daily training is based on the spaces and actions executed in the games. Tank·s to the technology, today we benefit from many scientific searches all over the world on the wastes of each athlete during the 90 minutes of a soccer game. This helps us to create methodologies based on that collection of data that reflects the competitive reality.

There are tree important points we must quantize carefully, to reach excellent body performance, if we break one of these factors, the work can be committed negatively:

1 – Training loads

2 – Rest

3 · Nutrition

The work of the physical preparation, is it that the fan, the reporters and even some leaders nor they see, but if it doesn”t go very well accomplished, no tactical positioning can be respected in a satisfactory way, because the athletes without a good preparation level would not have the physical condition to give good technical answers or not even the resistance to run in a satisfactory way during the 90 minutes “.



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